About West Coast Krav Maga Instructors

Krav Maga Instructors

West Coast Krav Maga was the first Krav Maga Club in the North Of England affiliated with Krav Maga Global and we’ve been coaching Krav Maga for self defence to people in Lancashire since 2007.  Our classes are open to people of all abilities, whether you’re already an experienced MMA, Taekwondo Black Belt or Ju Jitsu Expert or you have never had a martial arts lesson before and a complete beginner.  You’ll soon find find that our approach to coaching will suit you, where you can train at your pace in a fun, social and supportive environment.

“We’ve had people in our classes of varying ages and abilities.  Our youngest student is a Junior Krav Maga Member and 5 years old.  Our oldest student has been 72 years old and trained with his son.”

If you would like to know a little more about the Krav Maga Coaches and how we teach Krav Maga in our classes across Lancashire.

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