The Instructors at West Coast Krav Maga

carl 2Becoming a Krav Maga Instructor is a privilege and an ongoing journey. All of the coaches in West Coast Krav Maga must complete 180 hours of training and assessments by Krav Maga Global to qualify as a coach.  In addition to the coaching assessments which Krav Maga Global sets for its instructors, our coaches hold advanced awards in Self Defence Instruction with Edexel. This ensures that your coaches are trained to UK and International standards.  All certifications are available to view if requested.


carl krav magaThere is a continual development scheme for the coaches within West Coast Krav Maga. As a coach, we attend over 20 days per year of enhanced Krav Maga training to ensure that our knowledge progresses within the Krav Maga system.  Most importantly, the club coaches must be able to meet your requirements from the needs of a complete novice, to the high performing personnel looking for advanced solutions to physical conflict issues.  Within West Coast Krav Maga, we use modern approaches to coaching and proven methods of  educating to ensure that our students are provided with skills they need in the fastest time.  In addition to Krav Maga training, our coaches have their own speciality areas of knowledge and will be happy to discuss with you how this may be off benefit to achieving your goals within the classes.


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