combat carlI’ve been a senior student at West Coast Krav Maga for several years and built up a wealth of experience as a coach over this time.  Being a coach with West Coast Krav Maga has enabled me to train with the greatest teachers across the planet, including:

  • The control and restraint instructor for the Metropolitan Police
  • Eyal Yanilov, the lead Krav Maga Educator in the World
  • Zev Cohen, a world authority on Krav Maga
  • Takes regular updates with Israeli Experts in Krav Maga


“I’m patient, easily approachable and take pride in how I’ve helped many beginners in the classes become confident with their new skills. I enjoy passing on the knowledge and experience which I’ve learned from many years of tuition at West Coast Krav Maga and looking forward to meeting you in the classes.”

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