KevAs a Krav Maga coach, I’ve helped expereinced and beginners to learn at West Coast Krav Maga. I can can remember what it was like to be a beginner and will provide you with plenty of positive feedback to help you feel encouraged and learn more quickly. I train regularly with Lee and Carl and we have a team which will allow you to achieve your potential and enjoy the benefits from training regularly.


 “In my classes you’ll learn simple tactics and techniques for self defence.  However, you’ll workout as well as I want you to leave the classes smiling, feeling like you’ve worked hard and could use the skills that you’ll practise if required to do so.” 

I’ve trained with some fantastic instructors to become an experienced coach and my specialities are:

  • Striking Skills
  • Third Party Protection of your loved ones
  • Helping people with low confidence to feel more able to protect themselves
  • Public Transport Safety