Coach Lee and Krav Maga

Krav Maga instructor in Blackpool, Preston, Lancaster and the West CoastIf you’re on this page, you’re probably thinking about joining a Krav Maga class and would like to know  more about the coaches?  By telling you a little about my journey in the martial arts and why I learned Krav Maga, you may decide whether it’s the path for you to follow.

I started training in Judo at a very young age in Blackpool.  Judo is a combat sport and very different to Krav Maga. Combat sports such as wrestling and boxing have rules, a referee, sometimes mats or a ring. Training in Judo was very humbling as most of the students in the classes were Black Belts and some were also Olympic Competitors.


I spent a lot of time floating through the air and often landing upside down. I loved the competitive side of the sport and persevered with training whilst at university. Qualifying as a Judo Coach with the British Judo Association, Judo helped become stronger but I wanted to move from sports to a system of self-defence. Growing up in Blackpool’s town centre, I understood that

“…many fights would commence with a series of slaps, strikes and kicks which were not allowed in sports such as Judo, Sambo and Wrestling matches.”

coach leeI started cross training in Kickboxing, Ju Jitsu and Nippon Kempo obtaining Black Belts in all of them.  I was accepted as Uchi-deshi (an inner student) at a Budokan (Japanese Martial Arts Training Hall) and commence studying martial arts full time. This allowed me to travel around the world competing and learning.

nippon kempoI continued training at the Budokan, where I won my first World Kickboxing title with the World Kickboxing Association (WKA) as a light heavy weight in Malta.  On my travels, I was fortunate to live in Israel teaching English in a school. It was here that I first discovered Krav Maga. When I returned to the UK, mixed martial arts was becoming popular. I had a decision to make, Thai Boxing and MMA or Krav Maga Self Defence.

“Imagine that there is a competition in an MMA cage, suddenly the referee pulls out a knife and attacks the combatants.  How would the mind-set of the fighters change if they could not escape?  They spend hours training striking and Brazilian Ju Jitsu Submissions but this would be a new scenario for them.  Would they notice the knife before it was too late? Many black belts would freeze in this scenario, as training with rules creates limits and habits formed by the sporting discipline.”

krav maga knife defencesThrough studying Krav Maga there are no limits other than your personal potential and physics. This does not mean that safety in training is not important, it’s still essential but Krav Maga training can be in a night club, on a bus or at a restaurant table. You can defend yourself with your limbs, using an object close by or even protect your children or partner who may be with you.

Krav Maga is the path I walk and I invite you to join me in Blackpool and Preston with learning Krav Maga and realising your potential.  “Kidda!”