Ground Force Method of Flexibility and Functional Movement


What is the Ground Force Method?

Ground Force Method (known in the past as Primal Move) was born out of necessity, from working with injured athletes and people who did not enjoy movements anymore because of pain and discomfort. When pain is present, many goals cannot be accomplished, and especially the fun and “playfulness” of movements goes out the door.

How can the Ground Force Method help you?

We know that life is movement! First and foremost, we should be able to move our own bodies! Before we grab any type of weight, jump on any machine or take any pills, we should be able to handle our body – just as well as we did when we were little kids. Just imagine if you could move again with a smile on your face! Ground Force Method is our FUN- damental solution.

We will take you through hundreds of fun, safe and challenging exercises, so you can learn to simply move well again.

West Coast Krav Maga are introducting this approach into our lessons

On the 21st January West Coast Krav Maga will be hosting a FREE seminar introducing this approach to movement.

We believe in the benefits of this training and have been utilising Ground Force Method as club instructors over the past few years and want to help our community receive the same improvements.

This course is open to anyone interested in learning the approach to movement and as we want to give back to our club members and the wider community it will be a FREE course.  This means that places are limited!!! If you’re serious about improving your flexibility and movement, follow this link to reserve a space.