Try a Krav Maga Class in Preston or Blackpool Today

 “How would you feel about being the fittest that you’ve ever been?

Can you see yourself as someone more confident and able to protect your family and friends.”

At West Coast Krav Maga our philosophy is that we can help you to achieve your goals.

It does not matter that you may be feeling out of shape, not seen a gym for years or you’re already a regular fitness guru.  Our team of coaches will learn your training needs and help you to achieve your potential.

If your feeling ready to try a new challenge, we have a great promotion where you can book on-line 2 classes of Krav Maga and experience for yourself the benefits of skills which will stay with you for a lifetime.

At your trial lesson, you’ll be very well looked after and will quickly feel like a part of the class.  We train to the highest standards and our students are friendly and encouraging to their new class mates so that you’ll feel part of the tribe in no time.

If your feeling ready, then you can choose from the list below of available trial lessons:

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