Knockout a new you for the new year – Krav Maga in Preston, Blackpool and Lancaster

Knockout a New You for the New Year

Look at her, she’s a knockout!

self defence for women and fitness skillsJust how many times have you heard that phrase?  Maybe it’s been about you, maybe it’s been about your sister, your friend, your boss, a celebrity – whatever the case may be, it’s a phrase most women have heard more than once. Regardless of whether or not you have found it to be flattering, complimentary, or alternatively annoying or even worse, we can probably all agree that it’s not usually a phrase meant to be taken literally.

But, hold on a minute, why not change that? Women, why not take back the word knockout, take ownership of it and get yourself to a Krav Maga class and learn how to really knock someone out in self defence – literally! If the situation calls for it of course.

Krav Maga is a hand-to-hand self-defence and fitness system that boosts your confidence by helping you learn how to defend yourself in real-life situations, it will give you a mega calorie-burning workout too – a huge bonus, especially for those of us hoping to ring in 2017 a little leaner and healthier than the year before.

workout with friends

There are no machines, no races or competitions – it’s just you learning how to use your own body to become stronger and more powerful.

Let’s be honest – the world can be a challenging place, especially for women.

There are so many unknowns out there that it just makes sense to get yourself as strong and prepared as you can to take on the world each and every day.

No, we’re not trying to Doomsday scenario you into submission so you take our classes, but we do want to help people, especially women, be as confident and capable as they can be in today’s tough world.

So make sure you have a full arsenal of skills at your disposal to tackle your own environment and remember that intelligence, wit, self-sufficiency, strength and a great right hook will take you far.

Even better, all of these skills can then be transferred into your work and home life—now, can you say that about working out on the treadmill?

Krav Maga will give you a newfound confidence both in the gym and in your own life out in the real world – you will feel like a knockout because guess what – you are one. Literally!