Party like it's 1999 – Keep safe with West Coast Krav Maga

Party like it’s 1999.

It’s the festive season, people will be out celebrating in clubs, pubs and their work parties. Unfortunately this means that it’s time for me to write a blog about safety. Don’t leave just yet, there may be some tips in here that ring true and help you keep out of trouble.

Common sense is not always common, especially when we’re being festive. So between bites of your stollen and sips of Yorkshire tea. Take a few minutes with this quick read and pass it on to someone who you think may need a gentle reminder.

If you are going to be out partying drink sensibly.

enticing drink, lovely

Guinness Storehouse, Dublin 2014

You’ll probably ignore this one, not at first, but after the first drink it gets easier to have a second, so at least make sure that you stay with your friends on nights out. There are some crazy drugs out there, so no drinks should be left unattended and be careful who you let buy you a drink. Did you leave a light or the TV on when you went out. Keep those presents out of sight and keep a low profile on social media about when you’re going out or where you are meeting up. The less you give away about any getaway plans online the better.

During the colder months, ensure your car is ready for the season.

cars left abandonedPlan for the worst case scenario on car trips. One year I went to train in London with Carl and some of the West Coast Massif. It was a glorious morning, the sun was bright reflecting off the large snow drift left behind the night before. The snow was manageable in the north, but as we approached the midlands the motorway was covered in cars that had been abandoned the night earlier due to the constant snowfall that was blowing in. There was even a snow genital in the middle of the motorway. I keep an old blanket in the car, spare clothes, a Shakin’ Stevens CD and a packet Fleetwood’s Finest Fisherman’s Friends for such emergencies.

Drink driving – just don’t do it.

If you are out partying be aware of your alcohol level, but better still get a cab on the way back. Better still share a cab. I’m a biker and I’m aware that people may not have recovered the following day and will still be driving. Personally, I avoid biking on Saturday, Sunday and Monday this time of year as not everyone drinks appropriately then they proceed to drive a 1.5 tonne vehicle.

It’s me, so I have to give a final tip on pet safety as well.

dscn2012If a gift contains food or chocolate, please let the person know who you’re giving it to so that they don’t leave it under the tree. These foods contains theobromine and its uber toxic to dogs and other pets.

Have fun, keep safe, train in Krav Maga.

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